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Qualified Casting and Fly Fishing Tuition

Chris' Lockdown Lesson Fly Casting Tutorials

For the full series of Chris' free video flycasting tutorials please check out the Manic Tackle Project Youtube channel. They can also be found here along with a few others Chris has compiled along the way.

Chris is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, and as such, is internationally qualified to teach, improve, or correct your fly casting technique.

Available for one - on - one, or group casting clinics, Chris is available for any of the following;

  • The Foundations of fly casting - building a repeatable stroke

  • Roll casting

  • Improving accuracy

  • Improvements and adjustments for distance

  • Presentation and slack line techniques

  • The 5 essentials

  • Dealing with the wind

  • Single handed speys and dynamic rolls

  • Double Handed fly casting

  • Advanced mechanics

  • Fault diagnosis

  • and more.......

Cant decide?
Maybe check out the following:

Learn to cast

An introduction to the fly rod and associated equipment, how they work, and the fundamental mechanics to get you running with good form. Learn basic overhead, and roll casting techniques and a demonstration on dealing with the wind.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: $150.00 NZ $150 NZD for 2 ($75 each)

Intermediates / Improvers '5 Essentials' Clinic

Self taught? Been flyfishing for a while? There are 5 essential elements to a successful cast. Let Chris indoctrine you to these, and introduce you to effective drills to better your casting stroke.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: $150 NZD 1 Pax or $150 NZD for 2 ($75 each)

Introduction to Presentation and slack line techniques

Learn to improve short line accuracy and present your fly in a variety of situations. Learn the straight line presentation, as well as the pile, tuck, serpentine and easy curve casts.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: $150 NZD 1 Pax or $150 NZD for 2 ($75 each)

Adjustments for Distance and Accuracy

Learn the secrets to improving both distance and accuracy with good-form mechanics and additions to your stroke. Learn how to Improve tracking, power application and timing, and learn the double haul.

All going well you will learn to drift, and shoot line into the backcast.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: $150 NZD 1 Pax or $150 NZD for 2 ($75 each)

Introduction to Two Handed Fly Casting

Using highly adaptable double handed 'switch rods', Chris will introduce you to the fundamentals of spey casting. Learn how to form an efficient D loop, improve anchor placement and progress to the single and double spey, snake roll, perry poke, snap - T and more with correct technique. For more advanced Two Hand tuition, we recommend a half day guide trip focussing on instruction.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $150 NZD 1 pax or $150 NZD for 2 ($75 each)

Advanced Fly Casting

One on one, we will work to improve the efficiency of your stroke. Improve accuracy, distance and your repitoire of casts including single handed spey techniques, dynamic lifts and advanced presentation techniques.

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost: $200 - Maximum one pax only.

Guide Tuition

New Zealand is a whole new ball game for the majority of international anglers and if their guide cannot identify what needs to be worked on, communicate and teach this quickly and efficiently, then its going to be a loooong day.

I offer "learn to teach" sessions focussing on the key adult learning principles, effective communication and fly casting methodology, "fault diagnosis and correction" and "how to improve" progression lessons for guides and instructors. fire me an email and see what I can do for you. Guide lessons will be discrete if desired, however, I feel clients want to see guides who want to improve for their benefit.

Cost: $250.00 per hour. 

Group Clinics

Half day clinics available from $50 per person. Get a group together and let Chris design a clinic to suit you.


I can Tailor a casting clinic to suit your timeframe and requirements and target any areas in which you require assistance. Contact me to discuss my fly casting services.