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Lockdown Lessons- Your complete fly casting tutorial

With Chris Dore. Your Fly Fishers International Certified Fly Casting Instructor

So there were a number of good things to come out of our 2020 Covid 19 lockdown and here's a bunch of them. Let me show you how to reinvent, improve or develop your fly casting technique using pantomime techniques, rod and line, descriptive mechanics and practical drills, available altogether through the Manic Tackle Project Youtube channel. Sit back and write this down. There will be a test afterwards.

Lesson 1: Pantomime drills.

Learn how to build muscle memory and a clean, repeatable casting stroke using pantomime techniques to build muscle memory here

Lesson 3. The roll Cast.

An essential cast that every fly angler should know. Improve your roll cast here

Lesson 5. Throwing Higher Backcasts.

Because always casting the grass behind you sucks, right? Lose less flies here

Lesson 2: Tracking.

If you haven't worked on your tracking, chances are, you're making life a lot harder for yourself. Learn all about tracking here

Lesson 4. Controlling Loop Shape and Size

An essential skill for anyone casting heavier or lighter flies, into or with the wind, or using multi fly rigs. Improve yourself here

Lesson 6. How to Cast from High Banks.

Its not just business as usual when faced with a downward presentation. Here we show you how to present your fly accurately from above. Catch more fish here

Lesson 7. Intro to Single Hand Spey.

This lesson will save you a lot of time and hassle on the water, and help you become a much more versatile angler. Check it out here

Lesson 9. The Pile Cast.

Such an easy way to throw a little slack down your line. A must have for dry fly anglers. Check it out here

Lesson 11. The Reach Mend.

If I could teach you just one presentation, this would be it.

Lesson 8. How to Throw Bigger, and Heavier Flies Easily.

An essential for anyone fishing the Taupo area in winter, salt water, or anywhere where you need a heavier nymph or streamer. Become a better caster here

Lesson 10. The Serpentine Mend.

Want to deal with tricky currents riffly water or maybe present that fly downstream? Present better here

Lesson 12. The Reach Curve.

Following on from the reach mend, the reach curve places a targeted aerial mend across a specific current, rock or other impediment. Learn it here

Lesson 13. Increasing Line Speed.

There are many reasons to improve line speed. Heres why, and how

Lesson 15. Casting Off Shoulder.

Learn how to deal with crosswinds, casting impediments, or to present your fly at a different angle here

Lesson 17. Fluff Around Less.

Learn how to get your fly to fish, quicker here

Lesson 14. The Double Haul.

Learn multiple methods of mastering and refining the double haul. Turbo charge your cast here

Lesson 16. Better Mending.

Learn better line control in the air, and on the water here

Personalised Instruction

Enjoyed what you saw? Contact Chris now at to get the ball rolling for your very own individual or group fly casting, or guided fly fishing lesson