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fly casting

Always worth a revisit..After spending many, many guide days on the water I have observed countless styles and attempts to combat the wind. The following are a few tid bits to assist you in windy days on the river.* Minimise, or better still, eliminate false casting. The mor...
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If you haven't spent time on your tracking, chances are its affecting your distance, line speed and accuracy. This is a very common issue I work on with clients. Nearly every client. We all know that tight, efficient loops require the rod tip to track a straight-line pa...
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So last week we discussed the mechanics required to successfully make your cast work, and to achieve that all essential line speed to help deal with the wind. Now to the casts themselves.AdviceAgain, the best advice I can give for casting with the wind is to not try... Wind ...
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So face it: if you want to fish New Zealand then its a good bet you will have to deal with wind. Strong wind. If you cant, you might not catch fish, and after flying all this way and spending all that $ a little practice and preparation beforehand doesn't sound too silly, do...
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One of the biggest things clients fail to come to terms with is the necessity to fish longer leaders on our clear rivers here in NZ. Now I'm not talking the 18' + rigs we sometimes employ ourselves, but even the standard 12'- 15' leader / tippet combos we fish here daily far...
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