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fly tying

So let’s look at caddis. The good old elk hair caddis has long been a favourite of mine as a dry / dropper fly, floating high with a wing angled upwards enough to see. But there’s another reason I fish them so much, trout will usually shun an emerger, dun or spinner that...
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One thing I often see in many anglers fly boxes are a plethora of different patterns but sure enough, most are of a similar size range, and usually tungsten beaded.Now we all know that trout will most likely eat your favourite size 14 beadhead but what if they don’t? Will ...
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I personally don’t use stoneflies as much as I should in the waters I guide but they allow you to really go to town on profile, accents and importantly for big, come eat me legs, let’s talk more about this...A good stonefly imitation is my go to in deeper, rocky runs, or...
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Its that time of the year when many of us are sitting down to restock our severely depleted fly boxes. As a guide, its surprising how many flies I can go through in a season and so have a few patterns I like to tie in bulk.Whipping up a couple hundred size 14 nymphs isn’t ...
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As we move into winter proper you might be thinking that’s it’s all about eggs, heavy nymphs, and big streamers to fool fish that have something other than feeding on their minds. Trout still need to eat over winter, and not all switch into spawning mode, so it’s ...
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